Building Organizations on the Basis of Trust

James Rosseau, Sr.
4 min readAug 20, 2020

It’s often taken for granted that every interaction between people, professionally or personally, is undergirded by trust. From the reliability sought for by HR personnel during job interviews to the life-or-death scenarios in military operations, trust shapes relationships between people. With many workplaces being redefined by the circumstances this year, trust in this new practice and a new environment is essential to get us through.

A military leader, thought leader, motivational speaker, and commercial pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Jason O Harris is a staunch believer that every organization is its people at the heart of every organization. For an organization to work cohesively and efficiently, an organization’s culture needs to be built on trust, whether it’s the trust between the leaders and the people, or the people with each other.

Jason has come up with several trust models to help organizations improve their levels of trust in the workplace. Jason’s no-fail model talks about trusting the training, the process, and the organization’s people. And while training and processes might continuously be shifting, especially in today’s environment, the people are constant. And this is where Jason’s CARGO model comes in.


The workplace trends might always be changing, but if there’s one thing that doesn’t change, it’s that the creativity of the human mind can never be replaced. This is why Jason believes that it’s important for a leader to see someone beyond their job description and allow their creativity to roam free.

“We have people that are so sharp, so amazing, so talented, so skilled, hence why you hired them to begin with, but they have skills, talents, and abilities that go above and beyond that basic job description. And if we take time to allow them to utilize that creativity, they’re going to solve a lot of our problems… If we never unleash their creativity, then we’ve missed an opportunity to truly allow our people to be their best selves in the workplace.”


If you’re ready to unleash your people, you’ve got to make sure they’re properly armed. Part of Jason’s CARGO model is making sure your people have gained access to the right resources and tools. These could be physical tools of the trade or even tools such as access to databases or open communication lines.

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James Rosseau, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Corelink Solution