Learning at the Speed of Change

James Rosseau, Sr.
4 min readAug 20, 2020

What does it tell you when webcams are sold out everywhere, with no restocking expectations and people are selling used ones on eBay at a premium? Things have definitely changed! COVID-19 “moved our cheese” and items such as Zoom, Livestream, virtual conferences, and online music battles have become commonplace for the tech-savvy and laggard alike. The rate of change that households have endured and the non-discretionary learning associated with it cannot be overstated.

With all this, can we even keep up with the pace of the change? How do our learning and our consumption of information change during these times?

Bejoy is a Talent and Organizational Development Executive with cross-functional experience within HR, technology, and business operations. Having a diverse cultural and professional background, from the performing arts to HR strategy, Bejoy is familiar with adapting quickly and carrying over skills from different fields.

We discuss how the new normal has forced everyone to learn at the speed of change. The question now becomes how might we best channel our efforts to deliberately learn; what skills are essential, now and in the future; and how might they be obtained?

Set Your GPS

As the workplace shifts to a virtual space, a lot of people might be taking this reset time to really question their careers as they find their professions shifting as well. Bejoy says that this self-management uncovers a lot of questions about your motivations, career, progress, and journey, in order for you to truly maximize your potential.

You have a destination that you want to get to, and there are multiple paths to probably get there. Monitoring your progress along the way and thinking through.

  • Am I where I want to be?
  • Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?
  • Am I learning what I’m supposed to be learning and making pivots along the way?

There’s always going to be the traffic signs, there’s still going to be stops along the way and other things that were unplanned and unintended. So, it’s really important to chart that course. And I wouldn’t say it’s on a wall and it just stays static, but it’s an evergreen, iterative process that just keeps…



James Rosseau, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Corelink Solution