Track and Field Equity (Poem)

James Rosseau, Sr.
3 min readSep 30, 2020

When people don’t believe they can achieve their very desire can go into a state of suspension,
As a young manager, I was taught to coach performance on the basis of skill or will, but desire was never even mentioned.
Desire fuels will, and without fuel, as we know, things come to a stop,
And desire is first created and nurtured in the home, but what happens when that home is dethroned of its pops.

Unsure children grow into unsure adults,
And unsure adults produce unsure results.
And unsure results meet a system that is not geared to support,
Or better stated, has created 13th amendment centers for that sort.

I’ll be FIFTY next year, 50 years of a cloaked pursuit,
50 years of trying to be “safe” for others, 50 years of grieving for mothers.
50 years of hearing the talk, giving the talk, and mastering getting along,
50 years of pushing past fear as I see myself in Trevon, George, Breonna, and other lives unjustly gone.

Our country’s history, unsavory to the memory, harder to understand,
That a man wants to own another man to have an upper hand.
But where we are now, not at all hard to understand,
With the abolishment of slavery, upper-hand thinking and some practices did not just “poof” and disband.

To co-laborers and allies, let’s head strategically into the storm,
Facing both the known opposers and those who conceal their uniforms.
For the realization of God’s creations, we shall not be resigned,
For future generations, their unique gifts, and their brilliant untapped minds.

For our youth, escaping the “hood” is not the panacea, “special” is not scalable,
And with our taxpayer rights … we must demand that proper education for all is available.

To my allies, “thank you,” my friend Yemi says “start with your ‘why?’”
Take the journey of the impacted, so that your vision is refracted.
Let your engagement from hearing move from listening and to that of genuine empathy,
And with you informed knowledge-base you can act that much more intently.



James Rosseau, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Corelink Solution